Why Use Rick Simpson Oil?

There is a lot of information out there about this RSO, good and bad. While researching this you always need to consider the source and ask yourself: What does this this source have to gain from what they claim? Be discerning and follow up on your suspicions, because you will in all likelihood find that the people with success stories have nothing to loose or gain in what they say, and the ones who speak out against it have a lot to loose.

It’s that simple. And then you should follow the money. If people start curing themselves with a plant, who will loose?  And then remind yourself that there is a scramble of drug research and development going on right now that is scientifically dissecting cannabis molecules, using them for studies and coming up with conclusions that sorta go like this…”Holy Cow! This is amazing and we have to look further into this, because this is really promising and more study is needed!” I’ll give them this; at least they have decided to use the real THC and CBD for their studies, instead of synthesizing it first like they used to do.

Prostate Cancer NewsclipMy point here is, why wait? Some people can’t afford to wait. I think back to the late ’80s when my mom, who was dying of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, was out of time and very sad that she never tried any alternative treatments. Back then we didn’t even know to use marijuana to treat cancer, but she wouldn’t even use it to ease her chemo-side effects because it was illegal. She was a law abiding citizen, and even when face with a health crisis she wouldn’t use marijuana because it was illegal. Boy, she really suffered and soon became so drugged up to fight the pain that she was hardly there at all.  I really don’t need any other reason than that to say, God damn the people responsible for putting us in this place today, and also the ones who say it isn’t medicine and it should remain listed as a US Schedule 1, a drug with no medicinal value. Why is it that with so much evidence to the contrary we can’t even get over that? I sure wish we knew about RSO back then.

Patients Out Of Time

Patients Out of Time is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating all Health Care Professionals and the general public about medical cannabis. http://www.medicalcannabis.org

There are millions of people who are literally out of time. Why do they have to wait? No one ever dies from marijuana. There’s another fact for you. There is literally no death by marijuana overdose on record, ever, and it’s not like there aren’t people out there who seem to be trying, but even they don’t even get close. They fall asleep first. And wake up feeling great. How crazy is that?

People need to know that marijuana is an option, they need for the government to finally  come clean and say out loud that marijuana has health benefits, and they need to let people use it if they have a want or especially a need.

With all the RSO testimonials, and all the research showing that cannabinoids fight and win against some forms of cancer, why in the world would anyone want to stop people from treating themselves with it if that is what they choose? Well, you need to follow the money to figure that out. Who will benefit from marijuana being legalized for medicinal and/or recreational use, and who will it hurt?

Marijuana PlantIn the last post I said I would make a bee-line to an Oncologist if I get diagnosed with cancer, and this is true. I have health insurance, and that’s what I would do. I would also make up a batch of RSO and make it a part of my daily routine immediately. Am I worried about interaction with drugs my doctor prescribes? No. Would I wait to see if my doctor’s plan for my treatment works? No. I’m going to cover all my bases, and hope for a grand slam.

For people with no health care and no hope, why shouldn’t they be able to grow a plant in their garden or on their patio, make their own medicine and see what happens? Why shouldn’t they be able to get it at a store, take it home, break out the rice cooker and stew up a cure? It’s better than doing nothing. Just having that hope is better that nothing and curative in itself. For all we know, time may tell us it is the best course of action, and there are many people who already believe this, and are testimony to it.




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  2. Hello:
    I gave a copy of your testimony to a lady who had one breast removed and was given a grim diagnosis that the cancer had spread and that within a year she would likely be back to remove the other one. She had received all the chemo and radiation she could take. The surgeon basically sent her home because there was nothing else they could do. She told me that she had no energy and that she had to give up all her activities. She believed that there was no hope and that it was just a matter of time.

    She started using the high quality CBD oil she got online from: ricksimpsoncancerfoundation For the first few days she felt more tired than ever. The fourth day she began to feel a surge of energy. She continued to feel stronger and stronger. Within a couple of weeks she felt so good that she re-joined all the clubs and activities that she had to abandon before. She went on a trip to Eastern Canada that involved a lot of walking and said that she had no problems at all.

    Two weeks ago she had an appointment with the surgeon and found that the other breast was fine and that she had no sign of problems. He told her to come back in a year for another check-up.

    She phoned me yesterday to thank me again for the info that gave her life back. According to her, she was already taking vitamin supplements and good eating habits but it was the CBD oil that made this miraculous difference. She said that she would continue to take the 3 tablespoons of CBD oil in yogurt.


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