Cannabis for Cancer

If I got diagnosed with cancer, I would beat a path to the best oncologist I could find. I would never dissuade anyone from doing the same, so that isn’t what this post is about. I just want you to know that there is very promising research being done as we speak on the value of Cannabinoids as cancer treatment. Let me whet your appetite with just a short bit of information.

orange_brain2Even though our Federal Government has been blocking research on any study designed to find benefits in marijuana, there isn’t a week goes by that I don’t see a published study on how cannabinoids have a serious effect on diminishing, arresting, or reversing the growth of certain cancer cells. Another bold statement, but it’s true and at the end of this I’ll include web sites I monitor to get the latest medical marijuana research, and you can put them on your read list if you don’t believe me.

Additionally, I personally know three people who’s lives have changed because they have included medical cannabis as a treatment in their own cancer or to help a loved one. Anecdotal evidence is often scoffed at by people in the medical profession because it isn’t scientific research. Others embrace it. For some, using marijuana to treat their cancer is done out of desperation, but the results can’t be faked. The cat is definitely out of the bag with regard to this, and the ongoing and ever increasing research of cannabis as a cancer treatment is all very promising, showing that scientific community isn’t ignoring the promise in this field. See 20 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Cancer, complete with the links to each study. I think you’ll be surprised at not only the number of research studies, but also with who’s doing them. (And this is a short list).

Friend #1
I know a man who’s grandmother has a brain tumor. Traditional therapies did not stop the cancer and it progressed to the point that they gave up trying. This man, with the support and help of other family members, decided to give marijuana a try. They used a marijuana concentrate that they made themselves commonly known in the medical marijuana community as RSO, Rick Simpson Oil. Low and behold, the cancer has gone into remission, and all her doctors are scratching their collective heads. Did I say no sign or the tumors now? I meant to.

Friend #2
Rick Simpson is a Canadian who came up with a way to make a concentrated oil from hemp using things you may already have in your kitchen, except the plant material. I was schooled on how to make it by a friend who was making it for her husband to treat both PTSD and prostate cancer. It’s working to keep his cancer at bay, and enables him to function normally despite his very serious stress issues. All we used to make the oil was some very low grade pot, (we call it schwag or dirtweed), a rice cooker and some pure grain alcohol called Everclear. Ok, so you don’t have Everclear in your kitchen, but you can get it at the liquor store. The end product is a tar-like substance that smells awful, tastes worse, and is usually taken orally with anything that will mask the flavor. He only used a drop a day to keep his cancer at bay and tame the dragons that be from his PTSD. I didn’t mean to rhyme that. (Incidentally, 6 yr. old Charlotte Figi, made famous in CNN’s documentary “Weed”, uses RSO.)

Friend #3
You might be thinking, “what about this Rick Simpson guy?”, but you need to look him up yourself, (link below), because I want to the get to the story of my other friend first. Short version is, she has an inoperable brain tumor. While still under her oncologists care, she also uses marijuana, but smokes it and also uses more palatable edibles that are less concentrated than RSO. Her cancer had progressed to the point that she was having cognitive issues totally disrupting day to day life. She couldn’t couldn’t work anymore, nor could she perform everyday tasks around the house. Marijuana gave her back some of this, as she is able to work part time at a retail job, coach others on medical marijuana, and the biggie… her cancer growth is diminishing. You can bet her oncologists are watching her progress very closely.

I’ve exceeded my word count for this post, but this subject is in no way done. But if I had just been teased with this much new information, I’d be off to Google for some more info. Don’t be afraid of the hype. Just because a website is about higher highs and the latest device to smoke weed, doesn’t mean there isn’t very important and factual info on medical cannabis to be found there too. Someone has to watch out for it all and publicize, since the mainstream media doesn’t find it interesting enough. Or so it seems.

Rick Simpson – (dated but important)
Rick Simpson –  (most recent update on Rick)
National Cancer Institute
National Institute of Health
20 Medical Studies That Prove Cannabis Can Cure Cancer



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