Law Enforcement, An Obstacle to Medical Marijuana

There are many people in the field of Law Enforcement that realize pot is not the big deal they were taught in academy, but there are just as many of them who have taken it all too seriously because they believe it is a real bad thing, a menace to society, and a dangerous drug. These people are dangerous and pose a big obstacle to overcome for people who live in areas that still adhere to the previously mentioned marijuana myths. This will take decades to fix. Remember that saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”? That is applicable here. Some people don’t want to know anything different.

Law Enforcement Against ProhibitionThere is a group from Law Enforcement where the members are different. They are members of LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. You should watch for them in the media, because they are becoming more prominent on the front of Marijuana Legalization efforts. Check out their website to see what they’re all about, but in a nutshell, they believe the war on drugs is a failure, that past and present marijuana laws are flawed, that people are suffering needlessly and that change is needed now with regard to marijuana prohibition. These people are NOT the Law Enforcement I am speaking of here in this post. They are the kind of officers I want to have my back.More about LEAP next time.

DARE is a sham and a shameMy kids were being brainwashed about marijuana all through the 80s, as were kids all over America in D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) classes. The official DARE website says “The DARE program gives kids the life skills they need to avoid involvement with drugs, gangs, and violence.” That may be what it is now, but when my kids went through the DARE program, things were a bit different. I’m on a rant again, but this totally uncalled for propaganda prepared for children and spread like a bad virus in the schools all over America has helped to set real and beneficial marijuana research and its inevitable and eventual legalization back by decades. When my kids went through the DARE program in elementary school the kids were told to turn their parents in if they thought they were smoking pot, to tell the officers if they found their parents pot.

What? How DARE them! How dare they choose to interpret research, create their own results, make awful, biased and scandalous assertions about marijuana, and then teach it to kids as if it were gospel. Well they dared, and they are the only winners in the war on so-called drugs. If they had focused on something real, like cocaine, amphetamines, crack, alcohol abuse and the like I could get on board, but not with marijuana, and since it was then and still is considered a gateway drug, that is where they started with the kids. They taught pot and cocaine were both in the same category of dangerous drugs. The DARE program my kids were in wanted to break up families and prosecute hard working parents all over America. Even today their website seems to focus on marijuana and has a suspicious tone that indicates they not only target marijuana still, but seek out crack pot (forgive the pun) research that supports their views and bullshit.

I DARE anyone reading this to go to DARE’s website and not be able to recognize the hell-bent war they are waging on Marijuana, medical or not. They come to their own conclusions with study numbers and fabricate research results. They are sick puppies and in need of some sort of intervention before they ruin more lives. POT is NOT crack, heroin, cocaine or LSD. Not by a long shot. They can be so much more effective if they target the real drugs; the real risks to life, love and family, and not marijuana.

I am appalled that they continually skew studies and scientific research results in order to promote lies about marijuana. It is sick and a personal affront to everyone using medical cannabis for debilitating conditions. These DARE people are either really evil or really uninformed and not wanting to face  real facts to the detriment of others. Millions of others. (Time for me to take a deep breath and chill out a bit, eh?!?)


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