The Lynn and Eric Compassionate Use Act

Below is the link to the Lynn and Eric Compassionate Use Act, (in full, and in pdf format), as voted into law in New Mexico in 2007.


It’s not a very long legal document, which is surprising when you compare it to the legislation being considered now in some other states. It is really quite simple as far as legislation goes.

definition of compassionate

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New Mexico is proud of this law and their medical marijuana program, which, after careful consideration has been named the “New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program”. Lawmakers decided to drop the “marijuana” name and go with the real name, “cannabis”, so not to play into the name given to it by the federal activists of the 1920’s and 1930’s who were the cause of making it illegal, even for doctors to utilize as medicine, which had been done for as long as doctors have been practicing. The name marijuana was meant to be a direct insult to Mexicans, and was used as propaganda to incite negativity towards them. New Mexican lawmakers want that stigma off the medicine and the Mexican people.

The New Mexico Medical Cannabis program is working, and now, (end of 2013), has over 10,000 patients. Our lawmakers were careful in writing this law, and while simple, it should be an example of how this can work for everyone. In a perfect world, cannabis would be available to everyone, without having to jump through hoops or resort to the black market to get it, but this ain’t a perfect world.

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