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I’m appalled at our country’s government denial that cannabis is medicine. This stance has misled far too many people, so much so that the majority of people I come into contact who could really benefit from using medical cannabis know very little about it. Most have never even considered it as a treatment. I did consider it and the results are very positive, so I decided to start writing about my personal experience, and to do further research and then write some more.
The chance of ever getting published in book form is slim to none, so in order to reach more people I’ve decided on the blog route. Maybe a book is in my future, but not now. What’s most important is education. Never stop learning. If you can think of anyone who may benefit from this knowledge, please point them to this educational opportunity, or at very least, read it yourself and find out how much you don’t know. When I started on this path, I thought I knew a lot about my old friend, Mary Jane, but I didn’t, and some of what I had accepted as fact was dead wrong.
Really, I’m just another earthling trying to make sense of it all. This is my place to educate people on marijuana as medicine, and I’ll rant and rave at times, but bear with me because it’s time to learn.
I am a lot of things right now and I wear a lot of hats. I’m a…
wife, mom and grandma
a true geek
a procrastinator
a dog lover
a serious mac addict
trying my best at being a gardener
a former marketing maven and graphic artist
a do-it-your-selfer
a volunteer
and last but not least – a cannabis activist

I am also a former Jersey Girl, and I’m not only proud of that, I don’t want to hear any shit about it either. Even though I’ve lived in New Mexico for over 35 years, I still love and defend NJ when I see fit. Great people come from NJ. The Boss, Meryl Streep, John Stuart, Jack Nicholson, me.


  1. Just dropped by to say Hello. I am perusing your site now. I wish you well and with best wishes on your endeavors. As for being a Jersey Girl. I would wear that badge with honor. Had some of my best times in N.J. and not just at the shore.

    • Thanks, HCV! You can take the girl outa Jersy, but never the Jersey out of the girl! I still have a fabulously crazy good time on every trip back to NJ, which makes me grateful to come home to NM! LOL

      • May I suggest adding L.E.A.P. to the list of “Links”? This would allow your visitors to see a totally different perspective as to how true LEOs/some Judges etc, feel about this wasted resources $$ on the use of Cannabis and view it only as a resource. I personally prefer to use the word cannabis. The word Marijuana was made up from a song Mexican migrant workers sang. To me Cannabis = medicine, Marijuana = an intoxicant. It eludes to different arenas. As for a guest post, allow me some time to formulate a blog post. I have a medical background (not a Dr.), which was utilized by Law Enforcement in two states in the area of Medical Forensics. I need to use wording that the laymen can understand. Be well.

        • Done! LEAP has been added.

          I agree about the term “cannabis” instead of “marijuana”. That’s the term that should be in common use, but as far as search terms, it is useful for both users, (who more often utilize the words “medical marijuana” than “medical cannabis”), and relevance with the search engines. (Sigh). I had a doctor come to me for help with the NM Medical Cannabis Program. He had searched in vain for the term “medical marijuana” on our State’s DOH, website, (where our program resides), and came up with nothing, zip, nada. The word “cannabis” HAS to be used or you don’t get any results, and that is disturbing.

  2. I just want to give you shit about NJ just because I am a brat friend of yours..so here is poop!!
    Although, I would love a trip with you, Darleen and Erin to fully understand NJ!!

    • AHa! My first comment! Gonna miss you. We’ll have to take an old lady trip to NJ someday with those usual suspects. If you enjoy this blog, T. Be sure to spread it around to anyone you think may benefit or might be interested. Spread the word! marijuana is good medicine!

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