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This blog about medical cannabis is my perspective, and I own it all. There are other perspectives out there, and if you don’t agree with mine, I encourage you to look further.

Agree with me or not, I believe everyone should gather as much information as they can and to glean it carefully in order to make any decision about your own heath issues and how best to deal with it. This is just a starting place. I have been as accurate as possible with facts. Without accurate and truthful information, how can anyone make a decision?

I will try and keep this humorous, and at times you may even find me irreverent, but that’s just me. If I say something that seems odd or out of character, look at it with sarcasm in mind because I often dwell there too. I thought I’d better warn you about that, because sarcasm doesn’t always present well in the written word.

It is my opinion that most of the civilized world and most certainly the people of these United States, have been so mis-lead-by-the-nose in the last century with regard to marijuana, that we don’t even know how misinformed we are. The truth is harder to find when we aren’t even looking for it, and it’s taking a long time for the truth to be accepted, even by people who should know better. This makes it all the more difficult to have the truth become as generally accepted as the all the falsehoods, legends and propaganda have become.

Finally, there are a lot of blogs and books on the subject of medical cannabis. For whatever reason you ended up here, I hope this writing will encourage you to read as much as you can to keep informed. There are books that cite tons of references, and books that can get pretty technical or scholarly, and this ain’t one of them. Seek and ye shall find those books all over Amazon and beyond, and there is a list of some of them in this blog. The list is really growing at a fast pace now, and will hopefully continue to grow when cannabis research in America can once again legally resume. This writing is me on my journey, what I found and how I traveled. Plain talk, and no more. Well…plain talk and an occasional rant, which I promise to keep at a minimum.

Young, old or in-between, I invite you to come along with me on my quest for something better; something to help us heal and help us live a life with less pain and more enthusiasm. Buckle up for safety! Put you preconceived notions aside and learn with me.


  1. Just 5 minutes on this site is a breath of fresh air. I also decided to do something different than, ‘hey, I’ll take some of yer weed, man.’ ‘What are you looking for, man?’ ‘Any of that green shit will do. Ha!’ So as I dove into the chaotic world of cannabis suppliers and information I found that it was, well, chaotic…at best. Has made me crazy. ‘Can you tell me where I can find the full lab report for Terpenes and Cannabanoids on this strain?’ ‘What?’

    The information has been great but the dispensaries…all sources, are decades behind modern business practices and what we have come to expect when we buy something. Like, ‘say, I would like to buy this washing machine. Can you tell me something about it.’ ‘Sure, this here machine washes clothes, dude.’

    So big thank you and looking forward to diving in.

  2. I love this site Sari and almost every argument or comment you make on the weed blog. This is both helpful and informative and my stepdad can sure use the info as well. As a NM parttimer he can use the legal & local info. Gonna send him the link 🙂 Thank You.

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