Official New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program Information

This post contains the official links you need for the Medical Cannabis Program in New Mexico. You may be having trouble finding official information on the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program because it’s hard to find the information about medical marijuana where it actually resides on New Mexico’s Department of Health website. The unofficial information is all over the internet, but for someone wanting the official, recently updated information, the search isn’t that easy.

This spring, I had a friend, who is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, call me to find out where he could find the information on the NM Medical Marijuana Program on the New Mexico Department of Health’s website. I knew it was there, but when I went to find it I noticed something odd. When I did a search for Medical Marijuana on the DOH website, I got no results. Was it by design or just an oversight? I’m not sure, but sometime between May and now, October 2014, the search was fixed. Before that, typing “medical marijuana” in the search bar got you nowhere.New Mexico Department of Health logo You had to be more specific and search for “medical cannabis” instead.

New Mexico legislators chose to use the word “cannabis” instead of “marijuana” when they were designing the legislation that would ultimately become the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program. Cannabis is the correct name of the plant. Although “marijuana” has become the mainstream name, it was originally introduced to the American public as a derogatory term, “marihuana”, by the Mexican-hating American politicos of the 1930s who ultimately started the “War on Drugs”. Up until this time the plant and it’s medically prescribed derivatives were referred to as cannabis. (More on this in another post).

Antique Cannabis pillsThe NMMCP website is not that intuitive to navigate, so here are the links to some of the most pertinent pages.

New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program main page
Patient application for the NM Medical Cannabis Program (downloadable online pdf)
For Healthcare Providers, here is a list of common questions regarding the program
The Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, text (downloadable online pdf)

I am happy to provide free help to anyone wanting to navigate through this process. Use the link at the bottom of the sidebar to contact me.

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