I’m Still Here!

I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I haven’t been slacking. For the last several months I have been writing for Organtica’s Blog as well as one of our state’s magazine for medical and recreational cannabis enthusiasts, “The Chronicle”. I haven’t abandoned this blog in any way, and as soon as I can get more prolific with my ideas, get better with my time management and as needs arise, I will be back at it.

In the mean time, please check out these informative posts on Organtica’s Blog and the Cannagramma column in “The Chronicle” magazine, which you may find at dispensaries and head shops all around New Mexico. Here’s what I covered:

A Primer on Cannabis Trichomes
This post covers the basics about trichomes and why they are important to the plant and to the patient.


Aquatic Therapy
Many patients are stuck in the idea that they can no longer exercise effectively with their disability, and this post explains how and where patients can change this and become healthier.

cannabinoid moleculesFake News about Cannabis
Hardly a week goes by without my hearing some horrible misinformation about cannabis medicine from withing our community. This post covers some of that “fake news”.

In the most recent issue of “The Chronicle” I wrote about cannabis educational opportunities within New Mexico, online courses and out of state schools. These classes, conferences and symposiums offer sound information about the medicinal use of cannabis for patients and cannabis industry workers alike.

I write for these other entities with the same vigor and passion that I give to each of my blog posts, so if you are a fan ,I hope you seek out these informative articles. Peace and Love to you all!


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  1. Yeah!!!!! It’s so cool to read your latest blog and VERY cool to know I can check out your writings on the Organtica blog and thank you for the links to see your articles from the Chronical (Which we don’t see down here in the south). Thank you for your hard work!!! Mark

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