Misinformation at NM Cannabis Dispensaries and Reciprocity in other Cannabis Friendly States

Today’s post is more of a medical cannabis community public service announcement than it is a usual blog post. It came to my attention a couple of months ago that a certain dispensary in Albuquerque was telling its patients that once they were registered with any one dispensary they could only shop at that dispensary. WHAT? This is so not true.

Then it happened again just a few days ago. A patient was told by a different dispensary that they could only register at one. Grrrrrr.

cannabis birthday cakeSo I’m here to set the record straight. New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program patients may shop at ANY dispensary in New Mexico. You may shop at all of them if that’s your wish. You will always be required to register at every one of them if it is your first visit, and once you do, you are in their system indefinitely. Every time you enter any dispensary you will be required to show them your photo ID and your NMMCP card, and when your card expires and is replaced, you will need to let them scan or make a copy of your newly issued card. It’s that simple, so don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. And there’s more! At most dispensaries in our state you will receive a gift on your first visit as well as on your birthday, and vets get a discount. Pretty nice perks!

© Somchaij | Dreamstime.com - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-las-vegas-sign-welcome-to-fabulous-nevada-image44626882#res3311202">Las Vegas Sign</a>NEWEST BONUS! You may also register and shop at medical cannabis dispensaries in Nevada. Nevada’s Medical Cannabis Program reciprocity recognizes other state issued medical cannabis cards accompanied by a government issued photo ID, and some even give better perks for first time patients than they can get in their own state. For example, I have a few friends who attended some recent trade shows in Vegas and they all seemed to find Reef Dispensaries, and registered with them to receive a free 1/8 oz of flower medicine. Now that’s compassion, right? There are a few other states that offer reciprocity, but right now Nevada seems to be the most lenient. They will roll out their adult use rec program by 2018/19.

In Arizona, non-residents may be in possession of cannabis if carrying an unexpired medical cannabis card from their own state. This protects patients from arrest and confiscation of medicine, but out of state patients are still unable to shop in AZ dispensaries. You are still breaking federal law and may be arrested if caught crossing ANY state line with cannabis products no matter if one or both states have legalized medical cannabis or not.

Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Washington D.C. all allow possession without a state program card, but not all of these states have dispensaries yet.

Delaware – Patients who are protected under their own states’ laws and who have conditions that qualify under Delaware law may possess marijuana in the state.

Michigan allows out of state visitors over 21 who hold a MC card in their home state to utilize medical marijuana dispensaries. Be careful and don’t flaunt your right. Not all communities are cannabis friendly.

New Hampshire will recognize out of state MC cards when dispensaries open there, and even if there is no place to buy yet, you may be legally in possession of medical cannabis with a card from home.

Oregon allows non-residents 21 and over to obtain medical cards. Recreational marijuana is also available.

Pennsylvania – Patients from other states may be in possession of canna pills, oils, creams tinctures and flower, but leave that pipe home. You can vape, but not combust your medicine. No dispensaries.

Rhode Island also allows you to bring your own if you are a patient in another state and have proof.

Once again, beware of those pesky state lines as well as airport authorities. Some agents care, others don’t, and it’s a tough call! Be sure to check the most recent laws in any state you travel to or through.



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