The Highest THC Cannabis Strain in America?

Who currently has the highest THC cannabis strain in America? It could be a little medical cannabis clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico named Organtica.

Organtica, a patients-for patients NM licensed medical cannabis producer and clinic, has taken a strain from Colorado breeder Irie Genetics, and has given it the unconditional love and care it wanted to become something great. This strain is called “Arise”.Highst THC in New Mexico

Arise is a sativa dominant hybrid that, for most people, has a powerful uplifting and motovating effect that melts away pain, and unlike many high THC sativa strains, produces no anxiety. The flavor is both fruity and earthy, it’s trichomes are fat and plentiful. A cross of Golden Goat and Daybreaker, Arise has consistently tested at over 25% THC by Irie’s test growers and Organtica reports it has tested at 35.84% THCa and .45% THC through Steep Hill Labs in Albuquerque this month. This batch quantified out to 31.88% THC – nearly 32%! (35.84% x .877 + .45% = 31.88%).

When Steep Hill first moved to Albuquerque I had a chance to attend their lecture series and speak candidly with the staff. I was told stories of how they had tested hundreds of strains throughout the legal cannabis market that had big claims of high THC content, but rarely did the content ever show over 20-25%. I bet they were surprised when they tested this batch of Arise. Is it the highest THC strain in the U.S.? Some people have claimed that, but according to Steep Hill Labs, it IS the highest they have tested in New Mexico and in the 5 other states where they have testing facilities. (see lab results).  High Times Magazine has reported a 2016 Cannabis Cup winner that tested at 32.13%, but was it grown for medicine, and was it grown organically in soil? Is it even available to the public?

With a worldwide push to grow plants with higher and higher cannabinoid counts, especially THC and CBD, we sometimes find that some things get lost in the process, like aroma, flavor and effectiveness. At Organtica the goal has always been to create fabulous medicine, not to get the highest testing numbers, the biggest flowers or the tallest plants. New Mexico’s cannabis patients are thrilled because fabulous medicine is just what they got. It flies off the shelves. Arise has an impressive (33.34%) total cannabinoid content which, besides THC and CBD, also includes CBG, an anti-bacterial, analgesic (pain reliever), anti-fungal, anti-cancer, antidepressant, and a bone growth stimulating cannabinoid. The terpene profile has not been run yet, but the incredibly pungent aroma of the fresh or cured flowers, and the strong yet pleasing flavors experienced when smoked or vaped, tells the story just as well as the numbers will when finally gets profiled. It is simply a pure, clean, flavorful and effective medicine for what ever ails you. The amount of THC in a strain isn’t always what you should look for in an effective cannabis medicine, and a high amount of THC doesn’t always mean it will make you as high as a kite. Arise has balance. Extreme balance, and because of this it can fill many needs in the medical cannabis community. Not too many strains can claim that.

Sunrise in New MexicoI’m sorry I don’t have a decent picture of Arise. Sadly, mine batch of Arise has disappeared. I’m one of those odd ball patients who gets so relaxed by this sativa strain that I use it to initiate a good night of sleep. It works every time for me, hence the reason I have used it all up. But it can also make me very feel motivated. All in all, Arise seems to give me exactly what I need at that moment, making it a miracle strain that has definitely replaced Blue Dream as my go-to.

If you would like to watch a review of Organtica’s Arise, please visit my friend Gene’s YouTube channel, New Mexico Cannabis Enthusiasts, and he will definitely give you the puff-by-puff skinny on it. His review is from November 2016 and covers the first round of Arise when it tested at 28.48%. Gene, like myself, is one of the people who feel that Arise hits more like an indica). Whatever it does for you, it is superior in every way.

Maybe it’s our arid climate, maybe it’s the mile high elevation, but whatever it is, Arise seems to love New Mexico, and we have mad respect for this strain and its creator at Irie Genetics.

Arise and Shine, New Mexico!



  1. Leafly users often ask us what the strongest strains of cannabis are, and before we attempt to tackle that question, it s worth explaining why the answer is kind of tricky.

  2. Awesome! Good ish CannaGramma way to Rep the city and the quality meds us patients have access to! I myself know for a fact that Organtica is putting out straight🔥,because I do reviews and only one strain so far out of 10 flower reviews,only one has scored an 8 out of 10,But every other strain has got a 10 out of 10👊! I absolutely love their Organticly grown meds! Best in the state IMO!

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