The Cannabis Industry’s Perfection is Elusive

Nobody is perfect, and in the realm of the cannabis industry this is very apparent. While a few patients in New Mexico have found what they believe is the perfect source for their medicine, it shouldn’t be that hard of a choice. But this IS a new industry and in time the cream will certainly rise to the top.

Perfection isn’t ever easily attained, if it can be at all. Even when we use the word “perfect” so often every day, we all know that true perfection is very, very elusive. What isn’t as hard to find is “excellence.”

Back into the realm of the cannabis industry, especial here in New Mexico, I look at how our program has evolved to the point that there is a general consensus that to have your own perfect cannabis medicine one must grow their own. Will that always be true? Maybe so. Maybe not. But it isn’t even an option for some people. Too many people, in fact. So what we as patients should look for is excellence.

There are medical cannabis producers (LNPPs) here in NM with their eyes on the prize of “legalized adult use cannabis”, and that is ok. But there are also producers who truly have the patients in mind and it is these producers who lift up the community in their pursuit of excellence, not profit.

mantis on a lily

This could have been my perfect photo of this flower, but that bug jumped in at the last minute. The bug ruined my photo? Nope. It became an excellent shot of a mantis on a lily.

It isn’t about the cheapest medicine, the highest THC content, or even the sexiest dispensary and marijuana mall. It’s about pleasing the patients to the best of your ability, giving them what they ask for, listening to their plight, and offering solutions. It’s about excellence in what you do.

As the dawn of recreational cannabis in NM approaches, I ask you all to search out excellence in your medical cannabis experience, because the cream WILL rise to the top and it WILL become apparent who cares about you as an individual and who doesn’t. This is happening already with some of our LNPPs, but we should all remain vigilant to see who shares your values and desire to preserve our medical cannabis program and serve patients with the utmost respect and excellence, and who is in it for the bucks. Remember too that there will always be disagreements, but how these situations are dealt with shows excellence, or not.

Also remember to strive for excellence in your own lives, because striving for perfection is more often fruitless than fruitful. Be well, New Mexico!



  1. Dang Cannagramma, you are so right!
    Love this article. Indeed, medical businesses in this industry that focus on the patient will become clear and thus patients will follow. We all know this industry is a big money maker. But how the business owner treats patients and other people in this industry MATTERS. It will be interesting to see how things roll out.

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