Dollar High Club Subscription Review

Recently an online company found this blog and contacted me. They said all the right things to make me feel all warm and fuzzy, and asked if they could send their products to me in exchange for a review, I was skeptical, but I am always down for some free stuff, so I said yes, but told them that my review would be honest. I didn’t exactly recognize at the time that they also offered a referral program that would allow me to accrue a small percentage of the sales of anyone that signed up with their program through my links. Some people might be happy with that, but it made me feel a little creepy. Then I thought – hey, this could be a way to get some money into a patient fund that could benefit patients who are unable to afford their medicine! I don’t want to set up that fund myself, so decided to utilize an appropriate entity here in NM that I trust to pass any money this may possibly generate on to needy patients. I chose SWOP here in Albuquerque. That said, here is my review.

Dollar High Club Subscription

Many of you may have already heard of the Dollar High Club; a subscription service that will mail useful smoking tools and accessories monthly. I am always suspicious of monthly subscriptions of anything besides magazines, so before the first packaged even arrived I was looking up this company to see how easy it was to opt out if you feel the service is not for you. I found it was was damn easy. You can quit at any time, no hassle, with a simple, easy to find link on their website.

Who can benefit from a DHC Subscription? I can think of a few folks…

– Patients who live in rural areas and have no access to smoking accessories other than a pack of Zig-zag Whites at the corner gas station.
– Patients who are home bound by their disability.
– People who love to surprise their friends with a gift once in a while.
– Patients who consume these items very quickly.
– People who like a low cost surprise in the mail once a month.

After I finish the review you may think of another reason or two.

As I mentioned, the Dollar High Club (DHC) is a subscription service for smoking accessory products. They have three tiers of service,the first one starting at $1 per month. Please visit their website if you have more question about their products.

All-NaturalAll-Natural –  $1 per month plus $2 SH.
Shipped to your door in a discreet envelope, $3 per month gets you these all-natural smoking tools. I don’t smoke doobies, so this isn’t my proverbial cup of tea, but I definitely see the value in this package being that this would probably cost you $5 in a head shop, and probably more in a dispensary. The same items, but different brands each month. An excellent value for roll and burners!
Contents: Organic wax wicks, rolling papers, organic smoking tips and DHC branded matches.

ConnoConnoisseur –  $12 per month, FREE shipping
Also shipped to your door in a discreet envelope or small box, $12 per month gets you a nice collection of 7 to 9 smoking accessories that would definitely cost much, much more in a walk-in or online store. Once again, this isn’t exactly for me since I mostly consume edibles or by glass pipe, but I still see the value even for me, since I will be loaded up with a bunch of stuff to share with friends for a minimal cost. Think birthdays and other gifting holidays. By the end if the year your holiday shopping is done. Unless of course you want to keep it all for yourself! 7-9 products every month, and products will vary.
Contents: Organic wax wicks, king-sized rolling papers, regular-sized unbleached rolling papers (2), smoking tops, Clipper mini lighter, Blakk Widow brand pre roll cones with bamboo tamper and reusable wooden tip, multi-use pipe tool (tamper, scraper, poker, scoop), Wallet-sized Credit Card Pipe ( I actually had to look up the video on this one to figure out how to use, but it IS cool).

ElPrimoEl Primo – $30 per  month, FREE shipping
Shipped to your door in a discreet box, $30 per month gets 10 to 15 different smoking accessories. ($27.50 per month if you sign up for a 6 month plan). The El Primo is also a very good value and you get quite a bit for your money. Just the Dugout is sold for $18 to $20. There is a glass device included every month too. This is a win-win.
Contents: LighterPick waterproof Dugout which includes a stainless steel Bat One-hitter and cleaning rod, and a water-tight stash compartment, mini bic lighter to fit in bottom of Dugout, Blakk Widow fillable cones with reusable wooden tip and bamboo tamper, metal roach clip (ladies, save those nails you just paid for!), assorted sizes of natural rolling papers, pad of 50 Rawthentic brand natural wide tips, pack of pipe screens, Dragon Bristle pipe cleaner pack, Bee Wick brand hemp/wax wick, and a lovely little glass bong, that is very cute, but not at all top of the line. In this case, the monthly glass was a let down, but there will be something different on the glass side each month with this package, and this month’s picks were certainly worth the money.

Dollar High Club LogoI realize that a subscription to smoking accessories isn’t for everyone, but I would certainly give this a try because it’s less expensive if you are already buying these products anyway. And if you don’t have access to these essential supplies this is a perfect solution. Like I said before, you may cancel at any time without a hassle, and they have a money back guarantee. Please check out their website and see if you’d like to join. Remember too, if you use a link from this blog post to sign up you will be contributing to a greater good. Referrals money will go to a patient fund at SWOP in Albuquerque. I will report back!


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