Map of New Mexico Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Search as you may, but up until now there was no map of medical cannabis dispensary locations in New Mexico. That would be against the phony baloney rules.

New Mexico Department of Health’s Medical Cannabis Program erroneously created a “rule” in the state program that was in conflict with NM Law by essentially sealing the names and locations of NM Medical Cannabis dispensaries, among other things, from the public. Patients are giving the list of names and locations when they receive their cards each year, and at the top of that list the program demanded the information not be distributed. But not any more.Map of NM Medical Cannabis dispensaries

Peter St. Cyr, joined by the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, had to sue the state in order to obtain access to information about the Medical Cannabis Program. In a letter to sent to the Department of Health, New Mexico’s Attorney General also alerted the DOH to the fact they were breaking the law with their rule and said it must be changed.

The change in this rule went into effect yesterday, and since one of the local news organizations published the list earlier today, I am confident and pleased to present to readers the first complete Google Map of New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis dispensaries. Patients can bookmark and pull up a map on their phones or whatever showing where they may find a dispensary in any given area, how far it is from their present location and more.

Open. Bookmark. Enjoy. (Map was updated on July 13, 2016, to show new dispensaries that have opened)

Thanks to New Mexico Investigative Reporter, Peter St. Cyr, The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, and NM Attorney General Hector Balderas, for opening the doors to transparency and allowing the public to know who is growing medicine for New Mexico’s Medical Cannabis patients.

This map has been a work in progress. The day I finished this map, our cannabis community lost a much loved young man named Zak Hayes. Zak passed from complications of his lifelong battle with Cystic Fibrosis. This map is dedicated to you, lil brother!



  1. In the United States , there are important legal differences between medical cannabis at the federal and state levels. At the federal level, cannabis

  2. In the United States , there are important legal differences between medical cannabis at the federal and state levels. At the federal level, cannabis

  3. Thank you Canna gramma! I thank you for the great work you have done and keep on doing. You have thanked the main people in the quest for the truth.
    Peter St.Cyr along with The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government , and the Attorney General of NM – Hector Balderas – for making this possible. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. This being dedicated to Zak Hayes makes it even more perfect than I thought possible. We will miss him more than I can put into words. My greatest hope for our medical cannabis program is for it to always be for the patients it was designed to help and serve. There is always room for improvement. Thank goodness for people like Sarijuana. She is one of the good guys. Thank you for your valuable work! 💖

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