Understanding Medical Cannabis: Share the Knowledge, Spread the Love!

Patients of the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program are lucky that Steep Hill has chosen to set up shop in our state. They not only serve producer/dispensaries and patients with their cannabis testing lab, they also offer something else – an education in the medical use of cannabis and the ongoing research that is happening every day worldwide.

Both new research discoveries and shared knowledge in the cannabis industry are happening at a rapid pace, and I am grateful to anyone who shares information freely with everyone. Because so many of us are either 1) new to this industry or 2) have crawled out of the cannabis closet with recent legalization, it’s important to have reliable, science based facts at our fingertips. The internet is great, but you will find so much opinion and less fact-based knowledge that it’s hard to discern fact from fiction. Steep Hill is an industry leader in testing and research and likes to share their knowledge with anyone interested. I’m a sponge for this stuff.

Understanding medical cannabisIn September and October this year, Steep Hill offered a lecture series to New Mexico Patients and anyone else in our NM cannabis industry who is interested. Last night I attended a lecture by Steep Hill’s Chief Researcher, Rev. Dr. Kymron deCesare. This was my second time to hear Rev. Dr. Kym speak, and I was not disappointed. Judging from the reactions of my friends, they were happy campers too. The lecture, “Cannabis Medicine: Impact on Healing, Pain, and Disease Management”, was fast paced and only a little over an hour long, but the quality of information was outstanding. Topics covered were cannabinoids from raw acids to the use of aged cannabinoids, terpenoids, properties of terpenes, the entourage effects of cannabis, and so much more. For patients and providers alike, this information is crucial in helping us understand what type of medicine is needed for each individual’s treatment. One of the best parts was when we were all encouraged to download the complementary book on this subject, and told to share the knowledge with whomever needs it, so that’s what I’m doing. If anyone wants to discuss or has questions about the book content, say something here in our comment section and we can continue to spread the love and knowledge of medical cannabis.

This book, “Understanding Medical Cannabis”, was created as a collaboration by Steep Hill and Elemental Wellness. Thank you BOTH for being such top notch educators and keeping patients first!

Download “Understanding Medical Cannabis” here or click the picture above.



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