Canna Caps Instructional How-To Coming up next week!

It has been a while since I posted. The holidays and getting sick has slowed my writing down considerably.

I attended the New Mexico Department of Health hearing on the newly proposed Medical Cannabis Program rules, and I’m happy to report that the Department is listening to the patients, and that they have dumped quite a few of the most restrictive rules they has proposed earlier this spring, like the requirement of Federal background checks at the expense of anyone wanting to grow their own medicine among many other of the crazy and unnecessary rules that treated patients like criminals. But one of the new rules proposed in this round was the limit of 60% THC content on all cannabis concentrates. The reason I mention this in particular is because it affects me and my new process for delivery of my cannabis medicine.

Canna Cap medical cannabis pillA few months back I wrote about a cannabis pill that I found to be effective in both pain relief and as a sleep aid. I found the pills available at Sacred Garden Dispensary in Santa Fe, and while this medicine is very effective, it, like many cannabis medicines, is NOT cost effective for regular use. My solution was to make my own, because not only was this madicine effective and easy to use, it cut down my need for narcotic pain pills from once in a while, to nearly never at all. My goal of course is never, ever at all – EVER!

I was able to obtain 12 more of the cannacaps to experiment with before embarking on my pharmaceutical experiment, and had the same fantastic results, so I purchased some RSO, (Rick Simpson Oil), and mixed a minute amount with some hemp seed oil. Again, I had great results, albeit a bit too psychoactive for day use. That’s ok, I can tone it down a bit more when I make my own, but at least I know I can do it myself and the 80% THC RSO will go a long, long way in making my own cannacaps. If the NM DOH has its way with the THC restrictions on concentrates like RSO, not only it will it be NOT cost effective, but it may be impossible for the growers to make an oil that is under 60% THC unless they grow a specific strain low in THC, which is not likely given their current restrictions on plant counts.

All I am waiting on is the hemp seed oil to arrive. I have hemp seed oil gel caps, but I’m not going to go through the tedious task of emptying many dozens of gel caps to make new caps. As soon as the oil arrives I will be documenting the making of canna caps and reporting back here. Thanks for hanging in with me! It will be a great instructional post.


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