How do you make Cannabutter?

Cannabutter is easy to make, and can be used in ANY recipe that calls for butter. You can just spread it on toast or bread, or make cookies, scampi, it doesn’t matter – it’s still butter, except now it’s medicated butter. The strength of the end product depends on the strength of the cannabis you start with, always. For first time users I suggest starting with lower strength marijuana, and work up from there as needed. Having both high strength THC/CBD butter as well as low strength on hand is convenient for many more recipes than just having one kind/one strength. The world is your oyster, (especially raw, with a flavorful dribble of cannabutter).

The flavor of cannabutter will also depend on what you start with, because the aromatic terpenes in marijuana are not water soluble and will also bind with the fat in the butter. In my experience, a very flavorful and aromatic strain with pine and/or lemon scent is better used in a pipe or vaporizer, where it can be savored and not ruin the taste of a batch of cookies. It can happen, and that is why I stick with trim and fan leaves. This will almost always result in a butter with a sweet and nutty-like flavor that is not offensive to any baked goods. Trust your nose…would you want piney tasting peanut butter cookies? Plan accordingly.

A lemony citrus strain works well with seafood, like shrimp scampi, oysters or sauteed scallops and lobster.

melting the cannabutter to make cookies

Melting the cannabutter to make cookies. The mint green color of the cannabutter is variable depending what plant matter you start with.

Makes about 1 lb (four sticks) of medicated butter:
Start with about 1 oz dry trim, fan leaves, baby buds, (or 1/8 oz stronger buds, ground coarsely in a coffee grinder), and 1 lb of salted or unsalted butter.

Cannabutter Directions:
In a 2 qt. saucepan, melt the butter with 3 cups of water, shred and add cannabis trim (or course ground buds) and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to a light boil and cook uncovered for about 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Keep plenty of water in the pot. Don’t let it become dry and burn the cannabis. Use more water if necessary, as needed.

strainer and cheesecloth

My metal colander/strainer is like a giant tea strainer. Cheesecloth is sold at most grocery stores. You may wash it in dish detergent after use, rinse well, dry and save for reuse.

Let cool slightly for a minute. Line a screened colander with a few layers of cheesecloth or coarse muslin (or even a piece of old cotton rags that have been laundered and rinsed well, no fabric softener),  and place colander over a deeper container that will catch the liquid. Carefully pour the liquid butter water through the cheesecloth. Be sure the bottom of the colander isn’t touching the liquid below. Let it set and drain for a few minutes, and after it stops dripping and is cool enough, use a plastic bag to cover your hands and squeeze the remaining liquid from the cheesecloth into the container. (Using your bare hands is not suggested unless you are up for a small buzz. Your skin is thirsty for oils and readily absorbs them, cannabinoids and all.) Mulch or discard the plant matter. There should be very little THC content in what remains.

Put the container in the refrigerator over night, and the liquid will separate; water at the bottom and the solidified pale green butter on the top. You can poke two holes, each at opposite ends of the congealed butter, to pour the water off and discard. The cannabinoids, (THC, CBD, etc.) are now bound to the fat in the butter. They are not water-soluble. I cut the butter into four equal size pieces, (each one equals 1 stick or 1/2 cup of butter), and store in the fridge or freezer as you would regular butter. Label and date containers.

As always, be careful with cannabutter and any other marijuana edibles. Always plan for a few hours of relaxation the first time you try anything new, and keep it all out of the reach of kids as well as others who do not wish to consume.

I have an EASY no-bake cannacookie recipe I will share in the next post!


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