What is Cannabis Caviar?

I came across a product new to me last month. Cannabis Caviar is made available at a New Mexico medical cannabis dispensary in Santa Fe, and I like it! Too bad I have to go to Santa Fe to get it. Damn Santa Fe roads are like someone threw spaghetti on a map and said “that’s where the roads will be”.

Cannabis CaviarCannabis Caviar is not fish eggs steeped in marijuana infused oil, but I’m sure someone will or has come up with that too. Cannabis Caviar is bud dipped in hash oil and sprinkled with kief, (resin glands or trichomes from cannabis flowers). I’m not sure of the reason for this invention, but I am assuming someone had some bud that was less than stellar and decided to experiment. I am probably off on this determination, but whatever – nice job, however it happened.

You would expect a product with so many ways to get you high in one bowl full would knock your socks off and lay you down for a nap, but not in my case. The high from this is both very invigorating and relaxing, leaving you clear headed, social and focused for many hours. You may even get the giggles, but for sure you WILL be in a good mood. The pain relief was also very significant for my fibromyalsia and arthritis. Whether it was actual relief from inflammation and nerve pain, or that I just forgot about the pain makes no difference. It worked, and it wasn’t a pharmaceutical. Win-win. For once I don’t NEED to know the science.

Close up of canna caviarIt looks kind of strange and exotic, with all the glitter and glistening trichomes. That’s a plus! The flavor is complicated; berry fruity and a little citrus with something a little nutty in the background. There is no way to tell exactly what strains it was made from with the batch I have, but no matter. It tastes fabulous and special. A little goes a long way, which is why I still have some left over. I save it for special occasions.

The texture of the buds was also different than regular dried flower buds, probably due to the oil. It felt a bit like a bud laden with too much moisture, but I assure you it tastes, smokes and feels perfectly cured.

I came upon this product by accident, but it appears that the dispensary that makes/carries this, NewMexiCann, is offering strain specific indica and sativa types of Cannabis Caviar. Strains change and what they have at the time is what you get until next time. I am assuming what I had was probably NOT indica, because of the effects, but everyone is different. I give this product 2 thumbs up and look forward to my next visit to The City Different. Way to go, New MexiCann!

I encourage my fellow NM Medical Cannabis Program patients to visit New MexiCann when they are in Santa Fe, and try this Cannabis Caviar, or any other of their products. Please pardon my photos of Cannabis Caviar. I did the best possible with my phone. I need a new camera. Any suggestions on something good and inexpensive?



  1. I have gotten New Mexicann ‘ s caviar bud – indica in various strains. This is a great product! I also have it for special occasions. I actually still have some and will use it when the occasion calls for it. I don’t vape it. I own a MFLB vaporizer and the screen is not replaceable. On the rare occasion I will smoke it in a pipe. It’s not going to kill me – I am sure of that! Even though it is Killer bud to be sure! Thank you for making these reviews possible. Your blog is outstanding and a wonderful service for all of us!

  2. Weed infused with weed, dipped in liquid weed? Why didn’t anyone think of this before? This is a necessary advancement in medical science that will revolutionize people’s entire quality of lives.

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