Medical Marijuana doesn’t HAVE to get you high

If you are fond of getting high with marijuana, skip this article. If you are considering Medical Marijuana for yourself or a loved one, but are turned off by the “getting high” aspect, please read on. This post is for you, because medical marijuana doesn’t have to get you high, and that’s a fact.

I’ve talked about this before, but it keeps coming up with people I talk to about medical cannabis. I all too often hear this remark; “Sure, I’ve thought about it, but I don’t like getting high”, or something close to this. Okay, fair enough because not everyone wants to feel high or uneasy with themselves, but once again – you don’t have to get high to get the health benefits from marijuana. There are plenty of reliable sources, and here are just a few.

green marijuana flowerMedical MarijuanaTruths

1. Cannabis strains have been developed with very low percentage of THC, (the cannabinoid present in pot that has the psychoactive effect). These strains usually have a high percentage of the cannabinoid CBD, which has nearly all the benefit of THC, and much more. An example of such a strain is Charlottes Web, but it isn’t the only strain out there, it just received the most press.

2. Some strains of cannabis have NO THC, and therefore DO NOT get you stoned. Ever. No matter how much you utilize. Read this great Time Magazine article for more info on non-psychoactive cannabis.

3. The cannabinoid CBD has been found to balance, lessen or counteract the psychoactive properties of THC, meaning it will help to NOT get you high. This isn’t internet foo-foo, but has been substantiated. Marijuana strains with a low THC content and high CBDs are very effective medicine for a lot of people, including children. Katie Couric covered this story in July 2013.

GW Pharmaceuticals logo4. Pharmaceutical corporations are already developing their own strains of cannabis and are extracting CBD. Clinical trials with humans are underway abroad and have recently been giving approval by the FDA here in America. But in this form, the benefits of “whole plant” medicine is negated. That’s a bad thing, but par for the course of big Pharma. None the less, this is big news and you can read more about it here.

5. Children all over the world, are being treated for a myriad of maladies, some very serious, using whole plant, concentrated extracts of marijuana with low or no THC. Read about the children with Dravet Syndrome, a debilitating form of epilepsy.

6. Cancer patients, MS patients, Alzheimer patients and many more have cured or put into remission their series conditions with high CBD – low THC whole plant extracts. Israel is already helping Alzheimer patients with medical cannabis.

Nedical Cannabis Samples7. Decent Medical Marijuana Dispensaries offer the low THC strains, because there IS a market for them, and because so many people want the higher THC cannabis strains, the price is often lower.

Now, I can add more to that list of reasons why you should stop using “I don’t want to get high” as an excuse not to give it a try, especially if you are serious about taking some control over your own health plan and are disgusted with the side effects that your current pharmaceuticals are presenting you with. Take charge, and have no fear that you will get too high, or a little high, or that the marijuana will make you worse, because that doesn’t happen. It truly does no harm.

I feel that I must also mention these things for you to consider.

1. By not utilizing a cannabis strain with some percentage of THC you may be limiting the health benefits that can best help your particular ailment. While THC gets you feeling pretty different, it’s also a very powerful medicine by itself. It is an incredible anti-inflammatory medicine, it stops many cancer cells in their tracks, and that’s just two of a long and important list of it’s documented worth. Read more about this at the Marijuana Policy Project web site.

smoking marijuana2. You may also be missing out on the benefits of THC that can help every adult out there such as relaxation and de-stressing. Whether you are very ill or just in need of a “chill-pill” because of too much stress and too much worry, THC, in varying amounts for each individual, is a very effective treatment. There isn’t a doctor out there that will argue the fact that stress and worry are major players in recovery from just about anything. Go here for more information on medical marijuana for stress.

3. Indica marijuana strains, and indica dominant strains, are the safest most natural remedy in the world to induce sleep, keep you asleep, and give you a restful night. You never wake up high or groggy. No matter what your illness, this is priceless. Without restful sleep it’s hard to impossible for any healing to occur, and no doctor will argue that point either. Cannabis Indica will usually make you high, but it is more of a body effect. It’s also usually higher in CBD than saliva dominant strains. Many folks prefer to use it in an edible form, and use it before bedtime with fabulous results.  Here is an interesting story about how Marijuana is used for sleep.

Please look further into medical cannabis and how you, or your loved one, may greatly benefit from it’s medicinal properties. It can’t hurt. Literally. And in all probability, considering the millions and millions that are using marijuana for health reasons with so much success, you’ll have found a new medicine.



  1. As a heavy equipment operator that has had chronic pain for many years due to the job, I am hoping that Minnesota approves medical marijuana for chronic pain especially after reading this and similar articles like it. My primary physician has been trying to get me to take opiates and I tried them for about two days and there was no way I could even think let alone think about operating a crane. If I can get some pain relief and keep all of my wits about me, that will be great because I will be able to get relief, feed my family and not kill anyone of the crew on any job sites–all pretty beneficial aspects of an effective pain med.

    • Change is in the air, so I hope with you that Minnesota will take that leap. Since writing this post I have had the opportunity to try juicing raw cannabis leaves, and you should check out that post as well: http://cannagramma.com/2015/08/31/juicing-cannabis/
      THCA (THC in it’s acid form which is non-psychoactive, but also still shows up on a drug test) has even more anti-inflammatory properties than THC. It’s truly a wonder drug. I also utilize RSO, (Rick Simpson Oil), as a sleep aid, for inflammation, and general preventative medicine. I take it in a pill form at night and use strains that have a good 1:1 or 2:1 ratio of THC/CBD. Best of luck to you, Dan.

  2. Nice article in the Global Post, ending with “until this heaven-sent drug.” 🙂

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