Cannabis Strains and Effects, Part 3, the rest

This is a continuation of the list I started of the strains I have experience with. It’s an ongoing process, ya know. My comments are based on my experience only, and I’m stressing that once again. My ailments include muscle, joint and nerve pain, and occasional difficulty sleeping, and so the reviews don’t cover other peoples needs because I can’t speak to that from my own experience.

Island Sweet Skunk
This works very well as a pain reliever, and offers up initiative to get busy and do chores, but only after you give in to  it’s initial heavy feeling that makes you set yourself down for a spell. Excellent pain relief on all levels. A bit on the smelly side, as the name implies. Sativa dominant (THC 21.9%, CBD unknown or none)

Trichomes on Indica dominant cannabis plant.

Trichomes on Indica/Sativa cannabis plant.

Jack Herer
Named for the famous marijuana activist. The first time I tried this it was actually a gift from another patient, and although I don’t have the specifics, but I thought it worth mentioning because it does have a nice heady start and provides very good pain relief. I was cautioned this was very strong, but it didn’t affect me in that way. My husband was floored, or I should say “couched”. We both had the munchies after a few hours. Sativa dominant (THC and CBD unknown)

(Not Kryptonite OG.) The name is scarier than the impact. This is a good all around variety that offers pain relief, nap time and creates the mood to be social. This is a strain that I was warned about as high strength, but I did fine with small doses it was effective for pain refief. Indica dominant (THC 22%, CBD unknown)

Lemon Tree
Heavily, heavenly heady and sleep inducing. Appetite stimulant. You’ll wake up hungry. Indica dominant  (THC 15 – 20%, CBD unknown or none)

Master Kush
Bad batch – had been pollenated and was forming seed. Not much good for anything but a flavoring, if you like to add a nutty/green taste to something. I’ll give this another chance sometime if it looks better. Indica/Sativa (THC 10.18%, CBD 0.28%)

Magic Martian
I was inspired to try this from reading another account of it’s qualities, and now it has become a super strain for me…pain relief, uplifting, energetic. Do not use if you want to lay down and relax, or read, because you will think of a million other things to do instead. I also experienced that this strain acts as a boost to a supplemental hydrocodone dose, increasing the dose’s effectiveness and longevity. In other words, I can take a smaller dose of the Rx if I have to, and it will work very well and last a long time. Sativa/Indica (THC 17.39%, CBD 0%)

New Mexico Blue Sky
I’m sensing a pattern with myself. It seems that anything with “blue” in it’s name and genetics is a stamp of approval for me. I like this variety very much as it offers me great pain relief, a great night sleep, and gets me up and motivated to do something, be it gardening, bookkeeping, exercising or whatever. A very workable strain.
Sativa/Indica (THC 9.43%, CBD 0.15%)

Northern Lights x Blueberry Skunk
Another mota strain… good pain relief and good “mota-vation” to get busy! Sativa/Indica (THC 15.46%, CBD .85%)

Purple Kush
Meh. Also not so good and similar to Purple Mr. Nice. Helps pain a little.  Indica dominant (unknown levels)

Purple Mr. Nice
This strain only helped my pain a little and offered no other redeeming value. My experience was similar to Purple Kush. Perhaps purple isn’t my color! I don’t know if I’ll try this again or not. Probably, I will, but from another source and only because it has great reviews from other people. Indica dominant (THC 9.02%, CBD 0.14%)

THCFinder, Medical Marijuana Strains and Leafly.com
These websites are a place to start when considering what to try, but that may be for the more anal of you out there that need to read up on everything before diving in to anything. THC Finder is not as easy to use when you’re looking for a particular strain, (not a very good on site search function), but if you Google search a strain and the results show a strain on THC finder, they will have good information. I have dabbled in research of strains, but for me it is much more fun to look, smell and taste new and different medicines available, and for that I am truly thankful. Big Pharma never gave me that choice, (nor would I ever willingly take it).

That’s it for now. I’ll post more strains as my experiments progress. Up next – Can you say TERPENE? Find out about this important part of cannabis.


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