Cannabis Strains and Effects, Part 2

I’m going to concentrate on my own discoveries rather than depend on what other people say. Of the following strains of medical cannabis, some have been great, some have been lousy, but my journey continues and it’s mostly fun. How often do you ever have a chance to experiment with your own medication, especially without the risk of overdosing or having an adverse reaction to side effects? It’s my feeling, and most in-the-know medical cannabis experts agree, that with cannabis there really is no such thing as side effects. It’s all just effects and what works best for you.

This is a list I started of the strains I have experience with. My comments are based on my experience only, and I can’t stress that enough. My ailments include muscle, joint and nerve pain, and occasional difficulty sleeping, and so the reviews don’t cover other peoples needs because I can’t speak to that from my own experience. Here’s what I’ve found and how it made me feel.

Early flower on Sativa plant

Sativa dominant plant, early flower.

Sativa/Indica = Sativa dominant
Indica/Sativa = Indica dominant
Sativa – Probably not a true land-race, but close to not having much Indica.
Indica – Same as above in reverse.

THC and CBD levels are usually pretty stable from just one strain even from different sources, but every batch varies a little and is dependent of how it was grown and cured. Buying from the same source is as good as it gets when you want consistency, but the lack of qualified labs in any given area may mean some medicine can hit the market before the results are available. Some market’s may not be as stringent as others about quality testing, but I think strict testing will eventually be the norm as medical cannabis becomes more prevalent and available. “Unknown levels”, means the information wasn’t available when purchase was made, so if you are interested, look it up elsewhere for some guidelines.

Acapulco Gold
This is an old, old strain. Pain relief, stoney head, but contrary to most Indica dominant strains it provides good focus for busywork. Can have THC levels in the 20%+ category. It seems experts disagree on the “type” this fits into, and since it is from Mexico, the argument that it is a Sativa “land race” would seem to be correct. I believe it is a hybrid, and since that’s what this batch was labeled, I’m sticking with that. Indica/Sativa (unknown levels)

Alaska Thunder F##k
Nice name, huh? Despite the ominous name, I have found this strain gives great pain relief and inspires focus and creativity. Indica/Sativa (THC 12.77%, CBD 0.30%)

Agent Orange
My first experience with this strain is too much fuzziness, buzz and confusion, but it did relieve pain, just not to the level of some others. I have heard through the cannabis vine that most people experience focus and clarity, but I seem to be one of the exceptions. Sativa/Indica (THC 9.43%, CBD 0.15%)

Blue Dream
Good for pain management, and also offers up relaxation but not too much. Take a nap, get creative, read, write, make art, go for a walk, snap some photos, get artistic! Watch out for the munchies! I also feel this would be good for appetite stimulation. It sure does for me. I found it comfortable to use in very small doses, so a little goes a long way. (In my mind that means one or two puffs on a pipe. No more).
 Sativa Dominant (THC 20.6%, CBD unknown or none)

Blue Widow
My first big success. Wonderful pain relief and a superb clear headedness that enables you to accomplish just about anything you want to set your mind to. It also stimulates appetite. Indica/Sativa (THC 16.6%, CBD less than 1%)

Bubba Double Snowman
This is a good sleep aid. Also good for pain, and can make you laugh a bit, if for nothing else but the name. I am really unhappy with this particular dispensary because they don’t get the strain info on the label and all their buds are loose as a goose, but oh well, I won’t frequent them too often. My guess is Indica/Sativa. (THC 18 – 20%, CBD unknown or none)

Dark Star
This strain works well for pain, and offers up a great opportunity for both napping and a full night of sleep.
Indica dominant (THC 9.89%, CBD 1.09%)

Not for the faint of hear and not for beginners. This is a legendary strain rumored to have come from that “government pot “I talked about earlier.  Some obviously escaped. If true, perhaps the government, in its attempt at proving how awful marijuana could be, came up with this powerful yet medically significant wonder. It’s genetics show it hails from Afghanistan. This is an awesomely intense and euphoric high, and in my humble opinion, best left for those with severe chronic pain issues who don’t need to concentrate on tasks. Also know to help PTSD patients tame their dragons.

MOTA! We call this strain motivating Heavy, (sit down for a bit), high at first… but it mellows quickly and delivers hours of relief from pain as well as a desire to get tasks done. If you need to get going, this is for you. Sativa dominant (THC 14.06%, CBD 1.2%)

Hash Plant X Skunk
The higher than usual (for me) THC and indica dominance had me a bit apprehensive, but I have enjoyed a nap-free afternoon of busy-ness with this strain. Enjoy chores? Yup, there’s a pot for that! Relaxing and nap inspiring, yet not too much of a body high to get things done. The pain was gone – bring on the weeding. Indica dominant. (THC 19.15%, CBD 0.40%)

A very stimulating sativa that lets you hit the ground running. It is suitable for the three Rs – readin’, ‘ritin’ and ‘rithmatic, and a whole lot more, like the three Ps – pain, passion and positive attitude. Very good maintenance strain. Sativa dominant (THC 15.4%, CBD 0.73%)

That’s A-H in my list of been there-done that, for now. More strains in the next post.


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