Is Medical Marijuana for Me?

If you haven’t ask yourself that question already, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Personally, I feel that Medical Cannabis is for everybody, regardless of whether or not the have a “qualifying” condition. Everyone needs a vacation from some aspect of everyday life, be it on the couch relaxing, getting a good night’s sleep, for a boost of pain free clarity to do something you enjoy, or to help focus on an important or menial, yet physical task. I like to say, ”there’s a pot for that!” whenever someone tells me about their ailments, because no matter what their problem, there probably is a form of cannabis that will help them. Cannabis can do so much for so many people, but I truly feel it should be available for everyone if for no other reason than to offer help to chill out and give us a mental break once in a while. gearheadYou’ve already considered medical cannabis, so now you want to know if it can help you. The short answer is yes, in all likelihood it can, and it doesn’t hurt one bit to find that out. You owe it to yourself to discover how different your life may be with a little help from a natural, time tested, wholesome plant that God gave to us all. I can’t report on everything I’ve discovered, so I’ve hit the highlights from my perspective and personal experience. I hope this is encouraging enough for you to want to know more about medical cannabis as it pertains to you and your health. Each and everyone of us is unique. We react differently to everything, from our tolerance of medicines to our reaction to the neighbor’s dog shitting in our yard. Because of the wide range of different types of relief obtained by the use of marijuana, the chances are in your favor that there is help for your particular ailment, or to help combat the side effects of some synthetic pharmaceutical you are taking. You may even find that it can be used as a supplement or boost to other medications, or that you may even be able to cut back on synthetics you’re currently taking. I will talk about research in more depth later, but for now let it suffice to say that medical marijuana uses cover a wider range than any drug, including aspirin. The majority of medical cannabis patients aren’t using it to get high, they’re using it to alleviate an ailment. That’s not to say that they don’t also enjoy the uplifting feeling, or the deep relaxation they also may get from marijuana. It’s psycho active properties are nothing to be afraid of, and some strains of medical cannabis don’t even have these “high” properties at all. We should respect what the plant can do, but never be afraid of it. There is a good chance that even cannabis with the highest levels of psychoactive THC can be dosed to your individual needs. It’s safe, and there’s no such thing as a marijuana overdose.

In the next post I’ll present a list of some commonly used pharmaceuticals that cannabis could replace for some people, or at very least, enable some people to cut back on. There will always be folks who will never give up their pharmaceuticals, or can’t, but so many of these drugs have very nasty side effects that marijuana may help alleviate, so it’s worth a try. Remember, millions of people are using marijuana as a healthier alternative to synthetic drugs right now.


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