Is Marijuana Medicine? – First Steps

Searching for more information is the first step for those wanting to know more about medical marijuana, or medical cannabis.

As soon as I came to the conclusion that using cannabis for pain relief was a fabulous alternative to chemical based pharmaceuticals, I wanted to know as much as I could about this useful herb. People all over the world have used cannabis  for a large number of ailments for centuries. You should never stop learning, yet modern man always find a way to trip over itself and that’s what happened to get us where we are today in this “modern” world. I was very curious about the options out there for my old friend, Mary Jane and I, so, like everything else I seem to over-research these days, I started researching medical cannabis in earnest.

mort_pestOur state had legalized the use of cannabis products for a regulated number of conditions in 2007 and I had some catching up to do to find out more. Although I found loads of useful information on the internet, I also found a lot of bad information and loads of varied and emphatic opinions on both sides of the issue. Really, the amount of information available out there is mind staggering, and can be very time consuming and tedious to sift through.

For instance there are more cannabis strains now than I’d ever thought imaginable. I’ve found more medical uses than I could have made up, and there is a never ending debate among those people who need to be the smartest or most informed on the subject. I also found the subculture lingo also tends to be tedious, albeit humorously distracting at times. There is a never ending list of web sites and user forums loaded with good info if you are willing and have time time to go through them, but you also have to put up with the chat trolls and again, the strange lingo.

This blog is by no means an end-all source, and I encourage readers to look further for themselves, but this is a really good place to start. Even though I am telling my story to help others make an informed decision, it’s best to research medical cannabis with regard to your own ailments and how cannabis may or may not benefit you.

I found there are a few cannabis sub-subcultures you’ll run into on the internet:

  • people who just want to get “chronic” “wasted” or just really high all the time and for no other reason than to recreate.
  • people who don’t really want to get high but are interested in medical alternatives and want to see if cannabis may work for them.
  • many people in between in varying degrees, who do a little bit of both.

Despite the fact that occasionally I slip into calling my husband or daughters “dude”, I have NO intention of reaching out to people in the first group, nor do they want to listen to me. I’m speaking to anyone else. But if you are truly interested and are seeking true information about medical cannabis you will soon find that no matter what your ailment, there are thousands upon thousands of people out there in a similar situation that are more than willing to share their experience with you and the rest of the world. There are tons of medical marijuana support groups on the internet and many more out there in communities all over the U.S.

As I enter this more modern world of the “new weed” (not to be confused with what many of us were smoking in our younger years), I often find myself thinking… my, oh my how things have changed. Besides cannabis being an industry in itself once again, the language of this culture can be strange and daunting to new comers. Age old uses for marijuana have re-emerged from the past and modern research is unfolding more new uses every day, Yes! Every day! So much has changed since I was young(er) that it sometimes makes me feel like I’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere. This book is my “plain talk” for those who haven’t delved into the pot subculture as well as for those who have been absent for a while. There is so much to tell, and you are now officially at the first step. You are seeking more information.

Please bear in mind there are people reading this to whom all this info is brand spanking new, so if I bore you, skip to what you need to get from it. Or skip it all together, I don’t mind. No worries.


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