Marijuana Associations & Organizations

There are many different entities out there who all want marijuana laws reformed in America. They may have different reasons, different perspectives, and different agendas, but they all agree that the present laws are damaging to America and its people. Here is a list of as many of the national organizations I can find. I’m in no way claiming this list to be complete, and it does not include the many state and local organizations that exists, nor does it offer the local chapters of the national associations listed. You will need to look for the local chapters in your area on your own.


“All for one and one for all!”

I believe it is crucial that these groups stand united in support for one another since they all share a common goal. They are all great sources of the most up to date information regarding marijuana/cannabis/hemp in America. Many offer more links to even more information on all aspects of marijuana legislation, and many may have a local chapter in your state with yet more pertinent local information. They are incredible resources.

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis – letfreedomgrow.org
Americans for Safe Access – safeaccessnow.org
American Medical Marijuana Association – amma-usa.com
American Medical Marijuana Society – medicalmarijuanasociety.org
LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) – leap.cc
Marijuana Policy Project – mpp.org
National Cannabis Coalition – nationalcannabiscoalition.org
National Cannabis Industry Association – thecannabisindustry.org
NORML (Nat’l Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) – norml.org
Patients Out of Time – www.medicalcannabis.com
Project CBD – projectCBD.org
The American Herbal Products Association – ahpa.org
The Drug Policy Alliance – drugpolicy.org


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